Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sikkim - Land of Peace and Tranquility, Part 1.

Travel has been an immense part of my life, and whenever I get a chance and some off time post work, I am out to explore the kingdom of beauty. 

Long walk upside hills, Road trips and Flights have proved to become my companion. And I absolutely love it. 

Here are few pictures below, from my visit to different parts of hometown - "Sikkim".

If only I could live that lace shoes, pleated skirt and ribbon hair life. 

Captured while taking a walk up the hill in GANGTOK

Om mani padme hum, Prayer Wheels.

Enchey Monastery in GANGTOK

As these prayer flag symbolises peace, all I can wish is for some real peace across.
These flags give us an immense touch and feel of different colours of  life and to cherish it. 

Another click on my walk to Hill in GANGTOK

You need that state of mind, once a while. 

And I attained my state in Rabong - SOUTH SIKKIM

Snow Peak Mountains. Only if I was permitted to celebrate Christmas here.

Hoping to have White Christmas this year in - TSOMGO LAKE, GANGTOK

My first Chopper experience admits mountains, luxuriant forest, pristine waterfalls and cascading rivers.


View from Helicopter. Journey from Gangtok to Bagdogra, West Bengal.

All you guys planning for a vacation, leave the beachy life for a while and explore the Beauty of Mountains. 

More pictures and posts will follow as in when I will travel in my city.

Pen Twister

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Jake and The Neverland Pirates

While I was playing peekaboo with my key to ounce to brain, the character “Jake” from Jake and the Neverland Pirates was dancing on my head.
Have you watched the cartoon series of the same yet? No? Ok! Don’t judge me.

Coming to outfit, for a complete laidback afternoon siesta, nothing could have been better than refreshing mint and sheer navy. The combination stood vibrant and bright for a sunny afternoon

Wearing sheer without a liner was definitely a suicidal attempt in city – Kolkata, but it’s all about getting it the right way. I might would have wanted to look sexy but not trashy, as we all understand there is a fine line in between them. And if the line is crossed, you might just end up looking a crass rather than being class.
Hence, Not breaking too much of rule I deiced to show some skin, unabashedly. On the contrary, looking sexy was definitely not in my mind but had an effortless chignon planned for the afternoon.

To add a little edge, gold tinted key necklace interfered perfectly without an argument with hues of Blue. Well, with the caution of non-dressy I walked out with out – of – bed hair and comfortable flats. 

What I wore:
Top – Bangkok

Pants – Forever New

Flats – Gangtok (Thrifted)
Glasses – Police (Borrowed from Him)

Well I am off for now, to discovered my new clue to find "Gold Doubloons" via my Golden Key. 

You guys have a fabulous weekend ahead and keep sharing your love. 

Pen Twister

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tasting Session No. 3

Moving on form Restaurant and Dhaba, today I am going to review about newly opened Q33 Cafe.


NAME - Q33

LOCATION - Quest Mall, Park Circus

SEATING - Casual

MY ORDER - Q33 Platter. (Assorted breads served with hummus, muhhammara, cream cheese relish) and Caramel Llato. 

Price for 2 - Rs. 800 A.I (2 Coffee and a starter), Overpriced.

Q33 PLATTER - Hummus served was Brilliant. Haven't had such a dip in long long time, had enough flavours of the mashed chickpea, olive oil and tahini. 
Muhhammara was quite a surprise for lebanese platter, haven't seen other places serving the same. Coming to the taste it was bit tangy and had a distinctive flavour.  
Cream Cheese was good but Sour cream would have moved along better with the platter.

CARAMEL LLATO - It was nothing much but cold coffee served with some chocolate sauce and caramel syrup. (Not Recommended).

CONCEPT - Bold effort taken by bringing in the European mall cafe concept in India specially Kolkata, where seating is between the pathways. 
Despite of the brilliant effort taken, everyone walking by have their eyes on your plate and it becomes quite awkward. 

RATING - 3/5 

Will I Visit Again - No