Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Print It Up!

There are times when you come across something and you know, that you need them. Despite of it's looks / price / durability and viability. Similarly, when I first saw these nautical stripes, oversized retro glasses at, I knew I need them. With much debate on the same with self and convincing my self I ordered them.
As the order arrived, Vacation dates knocked the door and the glasses became my most important and favourite travel companion.
My mind was already playing with a  couple of ideas to style these uber cool glasses, for a fun day at Safari World, Bangkok. Since we were about to meet a lot of colourful, printed and happy friends, I decided to "Print up Myself" and be a part of the show and the much high running chart Trend. Florals are every girl's dream and wardrobe summer essential, knowing I was packing for Beaches and Islands all I carried was burst of Florals.
Coming to the outfit, not making it look like a ugly garden I teamed up dark base skirt with my current favourite white base crop top and "successfully" (i think) played Floral on Floral. After all, it is the age of "Flower power".


Outfit details:
Crop Top - Forever 21
Skirt - Gangtok (local market)
Bag - Max
Sandals - Pieces
Glasses - Koovs

Since I went to Safari world and met some wonderful friends who took me to my childhood, it would be totally unfair to not introduce you to them. So here we go.

Hope you enjoyed the post. More on Thailand and Travel series will be posted soon. 

Pen Twister

Monday, 9 June 2014

It's Game Time!

Hello Football Maniacs. 3 days left for the big kickoff and the world is going crazy already, therefore I decided to get into the groove and join the madness.  
With enough enthusiasm people have already booked their seats in their favourite sports club and the betting has already begun. 
12th June 2014, the opening between Brazil and Croatia could be a snoozer, because world ranking No.3 (Brazil) is taking on No.18. (Croatia). But, you never know.  
Coming to whom I believe in this Football season is "Germany". 

I have found myself the perfect Jersey for the season! To add X factor to it, my pink Blazer adds that  spunk required and makes me all set for the Game.

So all you Football lovers, Grab a Bud and stick to the couch.

May the Best Team win. Cheers!!!

Pen Twister.