Friday, 25 April 2014

Date Night.

He - Get Ready, we are going out.
She - Out? Details! Dinner? Dancing? Date? Hello what is it?
He - How does it matter?
She - I don't have anything fancy, I was here to visit a Doctor.
He - Laughs! Grins! Says, Really? Wait lemme me find you one.
She - Shocked! Processing! Thinking!

Tadaa! And here is what he mixed and matched for me. I love the pairing. And I love the fact,  he did it.

Outfit Details: 
Skirt - Vero Moda
Top - Thrifted
Bag - Gift 
Sandals - Pieces

It's good to loosen up yourself at times and experiment. Dresses are good for occassions but, mix and match could surprise you at times and can create magic. 

There isn't any effort put by me for this look. The outfit was decided by "He" and thanks to the weather, the all day top knot leaded to Soft natural curls by evening.

Tell me, what do you think of his Creativity. And, have a lovely week ahead.

Pen Twister

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Featuring Blue Print Resort/ Cruise 2014 Collection.

The young guns of Fashion Fraternity, Navya and Divya Niranjan have gone a step ahead and created magic with their brilliant designs and fancy ideas in the world of Fashion.
Their new collection, as the name says it all " Hoodwinked - Resort/Cruise 2014" defines the New World Woman, with 2 sides of the same coin. The Duo's much intellectual and creative skills has given birth to the Dreamy, Fairy Tale Collection.
Going back to our childhood days, Fairy tales reminds us of varied things. From divine Princess and her glamorous outfits to wicked witch and bold makeup. As fairy tales are full of creative ideas similarly, BluePrint Resort/Cruise 2014 Collection delivers the same.

The new collection portrays the famous story of "Red Riding Hood", that depicts the good and the bad, giving it an architectural and vibrant take on both sides. Innocent Red and predator Wolf are the two main ideas around which the collection is designed, giving it a quirky, yet fierce look.
They have brilliantly showcased their innovation and have bought newer avenues to the world of Designing.

Coming to the details, the Fabric, the bold colors used, the textures and the silhouettes are dynamic with clean lines and gives a cutting edge to every piece of outfit created. Every outfit speaks loud for itself and it's creativity.

Truly, Navya and Divya you have maintained the stability of the collection with the previous one, giving it a new dimension and the touch of magic it deserved. We hope and believe that, you will surely rule the World.
Kudos to both the talent-full ladies in the House.

To know more about BluePrint Collection, you can visit:

Blueprint on Facebook.
Blueprint on Twitter.

Have a lovely weekened people, and don't forget to scroll throuh Blueprint Collection.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Kolkata Bloggers Meet 2014!

And the day arrived when I met the most enthusiastic, joyful, pretty, courteous and lovely ladies.
Yes finally met Kolkata Bloggers and it was such a delight. 
For all the people who are not following me on Instagram, here is a glimpse of how the evening looked like.
After seeing a couple of pictures of the Restaurant Jhaalfrezi in Kolkata,  from the bubbly and adorable Soumi from "Sold for Shoes", and the very gentle and gracious lady Anupriya from the famous "Howrah Bridge",  I asked  if we could meet there. And we did. We will come back to the details of the Restaurant later.
An evening with endless laughs, pictures, scandalizing moments and discussion on men, started with a little talk on my countless visits to Kolkata and how calories scared Soumi Paul. Oh! But she loves to click calorie full food. Once, very happy and much excited Pooja Das from " Dailifestyle " entered, we could not stop talking about Gangtok (my city
J) for a bit. Soon the room was filled with silence and overly twinkling eyes, when lady with most cool hair Debiparna from " Fly Songbird " started to talk. And Debi, I hope to get some details on my next visit (winks eyes with a smile). I did not get much chance to speak to very lovely and simple Aniesha from "Aniesha's Musings" and Swarnali from "Dreams and Drama". Hope we could interact more and share some moments together. Initially me and lady with those pretty eyes Shayoni from "Sweet and Bitter Blog" did not interact much, but we landed with some good laughs together. 

As Anupriya says, if you do not Blog you do not know what friends are you missing. Blogging has definitely made me meet the most amazing people. Bangalore Bloggers meet in 2012 was an experience in itself, and now Kolkata Meet 2014 has added another chapter in my life. Knowing that, I would be settling in Kolkata, you girls are my hope to survival.

Coming to the place "Jhaalfrezi" it is beautiful. I was in complete love with every corner of the place. Fairy lights, Walls with quirky messages made me fell in love with that place. For you Kolkataites and people planning to visit the city, It’s a must visit place. Their Jhaalfrezi special drink with Expresso, fresh coconut, choco chips and honey is a drool over. You can avoid their lebu cha though, Debiparna can explain you better on that. 
I had an absolute delight and an experience meeting these lovely, independent and upbright ladies, and will continue to do so, on my every visit. So let’s stop the talking, and visit some pictures from the evening.

Fairy Lights at Jhaalfrezi
A picture that defines too many things! My favorite part from the evening.  Anu I am proud of you for capturing this moment. 

One of the Walls from "Jhalfrezi"

Highlights from the evening:
* Excuse me, one Vada Pao with no Butter* courtesy – Soumi Paul (sorry for spilling in too much details) You know I love you.
* Debi’s reaction when those uneducated and severely desperate men look at you.  (You should ask her about it, when you meet her in personal).
* The Thaukuria story. Anu will explain you guys better on that. And it’s a story you cannot miss.

Thank you Ladies for an amazing evening.

What I wore:

Jumpsuit – Thrifted (Gangtok)

Hope you guys had a good time reading the post.

With Love,
Pen Twister.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Summer Affair

What are Summers without Beaches and and Sun kissed cocktails. I say summers would be dull without those Refreshing water rides and Straw hats.
You know what I mean. I mean Summers are an incomplete affair, if you don't plan a Beach vacation.
So plan one. If you can't, then bring the beach to you. Yes, I can't and I did bring it to me.
You don't believe? Have a look.

Summers are all about feeling light and being happy. It's about a walk along the blooming flowers and Popsicles. It's about those airy cotton skirts, that lets you breathe and makes you look pretty.

I would agree when you say, they are harmful and painful. I would also totally agree to the fact, that they leave you with tanned skin and those ugly pimples. I suffer them. And I don't worry any. The more stress you take, it gets worsened. So embrace it and shine this summer.

Nevertheless, there are a few tips I am following this summer, to stay hydrated, stress free and happy.  I would recommend you to do the same.

1. Drink plentiful water. At least 2 liters a day.
2. Never walkout without applying sunblock.
3. Go minimal and makeup free
4. Have carrot juice at least twice a week. It's anti oxidant formula acts as a natural Sun block. Do not consume it in excess though, it leads to skin turning yellow.
5. Avoid wearing heavy material clothing. Invest in skirts, cotton trousers and clothes with roomy proportions.

I am going to flaunt myself this summer in those gorgeous skirts with bright hues, prints, edgy dimension and easy breezy feel.
After all, It's all about feeling light this Summer.

You guys have a lovely Sunday. And don't forget, to share your tips for healthy and glowing Summer 2014.

Pen Twister