Thursday, 13 February 2014


Do you all suffer from PMS disorder?
Firstly, I want to say to all the men and non victims of pms that PMS is Real. And it's a torture.
There are few women, who does not get effected either physically or mentally during Pms state, while for few it's just a nuisance. There are some women who suffer physically, while there are few who suffer extreme and I belong to such class.
Being fatigue, weak, emotional, irritated are initial stages that I go through. It gets worsened and I hate it.
I develop a fight unnecessarily. I cry and cry and cry like a baby and the worst part is I don't know why. I am surrounded with negative vibes and the feeling is terrible. I can bear the physical pain by doing all sorts of measures like taking a pain killer, diet change, water consumption etc.
But what I feel helpless is about, thoughts that develops in my mind and it's outcomes. By the time I actually start with my periods, I suffer from major emotional breakdown.
People have complained about my behavior during such days. They also mention I get unpredictable and loose my patience too easily. To save myself from such situations and social embarrassment ,I try staying indoors at least on my first day.

What a pain I tell you. Do you suffer the same? Discuss, and share your problems and solutions to it.
I don't know if I should be talking all of these here, but who cares? I suffer and I want you to hear, because its REAL.

Stop annoying me. I am suffering from PMS.

Monday, 10 February 2014


One whole month and not a single new buy. One of my Resolutions for 2014 is making some progress.
With the thought, I will be home from now for sometime. Winter Chills refuses to go, not like summers are 30 degrees. Throughout the year cardigans are must here, where as other cities do not need them after Februaray. Hence, piling up new clothes is a total waste. Agree? Unless, I am doing some fancy trips (Rolls eyes). 

 I am Re organising my wardrobe and giving my existing clothes a new dimension, twist and style. What is a Blogger without any ideas and experiments?  

Here's the first one. The post is from my recent visit to Kolkata

High waist pants - Bought in 2010 from Zara. Haven't worn them for a long long time.The pants were a little loose when initially bought them. They fit me so well now.
Note - I have gained and I love it!

Tank top - The tank was also bought in 2010 from River Island.
This piece has done full vasuli of its price. I have worn this tank a more than 1000 times.
And the quality remains intact. Love them.

Vest - Bought in 2011 from Gangtok (local shop). The piece that has earned highest no of compliments. You make me look nicer, every-time I wear you.

Shoes - Recent Purchase (2013, December) from The Closet Label. One of my and many other's favourite online shops. The metallic look gives an edge to the outfit and are super comfortable. Because I cannot wear them in Gangtok (weather issues) they have become by travel companion. 

Have a great week ahead guys! 
Pen Twister

Thursday, 6 February 2014

January Annals!

January 2014 did see a lot of ups and downs. It was a month full of excitement and anxiety. A month that made a few immature and impulsive decisions.
I don't regret any.

Being stupid, taking some bold decisions aren't always bad. At least in my case. Remember, my 1st New year resolution? Find a job that satisfies and interests me. And I can very proudly say I have given up the idea of being a successful Hotelier for now. Many in industry thinks I have gone nuts, while my parents think I have lost my patience level. My competitors think I am scared! But it's not important what they think, this one time I have decided to listen to my heart and explore the world I want to.

But, all good things are not served in same plate. Shifting to Kolkata has postponed for now, small trips will keep happening though.

Coming to outfit, it's an attempt to dress my newly gifted tailor made skirt. Kolkata had the right weather to let me happily swing in this pleated maxi skirt.
The fabric, print and the fit is no less than any textile fabric. 

Top - Brigade Road (Bangalore)
Skirt - Tailor Made (Gifted)
Shoes - Local Market (Gangtok)
Watch - Kenneth Cole

Have a good weekend guys!
Pen Twister