Thursday, 28 November 2013

Booties and Oversized piece.

There is the time, when I do not see any flowers around or any butterflies. The time of the year, where all the greenery has been faded and we are left with white peaks and dead leaves. The warmth and those sun rays have been replaced by chilly winds and snow thrills. The period when those gorgeous easy breezy dresses have been piled and knee length booties and oversized pieces are out.
Don’t get mistaken; I am not cribbing in here. As much summers have their own beauty and we all like to bask into it, winters is delightful too. Nothing can replace the smell of coffee, burning of woods, lightning of fireplace, cozy blankets, oranges, ear cuffs and fluffy mufflers.

The weather here is perfect for Knee length boots and oversized pieces. I have already started wearing them, but at the same time I am afraid how colder the coming months are going to be like.  Anyways, Knee length boots in different materials are everywhere this season. From runways to street style, everyone is been craving for one of them. And, why not? They make a statement in it’s self.  I have found my pair of lace up booties from Next, which makes me a rocker chic in that oversized sweat from the famous "A-J store". The best part about oversized pieces are, they have enough room proportions to let your warmers stuffed inside and keep you away from winter thrills yet, keep stylish.

So here’s my lace up Bootie and the gorgeous top. 

Boots – Next
Oversized top – A-J Store
Warmer – locally bought
Leggings – Lew Look
Hairband – Gangtok (Local Boutique)

My hands are getting numb and my hot chocolate is getting cold. I should now leave for the day, before I freeze here.
It’s getting freaking cold. You guys be warm and take care.

pen twister

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Hello Winters!

Hello Winters! What is there not to like about this weather? More and more of Adrak vali chai (ginger tea) , lazy comforters, heaters, overcoats, calf boots and yummylicious food! This winter I have figured out, more than overcoats and chunky knits I have fallen for delicate, soft and super warm pullovers. 
The good part about them is , they are light weighted unlike other winter garments and you can layer them with gorgeous scrafs, accessories etc. And most importantly they do not suffocate you.
 Being living in that part of the country where wether is quite uncertain, I like the idea of layering. As you see in the pictures below, it's bright and sunny in afternoon but the same part of city faces drastic windy movements and snowfall( occasionally) in the evening.  But i still love my City.
Other than the sweaters, Blazers are undoubtedly my favourite and savior of the season. How about your's? 
They are such, good to pair with your denims, maxis, tracks or even delicate dresses and you are good to go. They save you from being over dressed, while they also add that extra spice to your outfit.
I would not be talking much on Blazers today, next post is all about different types, moods and fits of Blazer. 

Until then enjoy the outfit Pictures.

Different Moods.

Sweater, Pants, Necklace - Street Shopping
Blazer - Tailor Stitched
Shoes - Gangtok
Glasses - Ray Ban

Hope you liked it! 
Be warm and have a happy week ahead!

Pen Twister 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

A little Drama.

Hello Everyone!
Aren't we all obsessed and love Head Gear's this season.
I have been admiring the same for quite a while now. To let my desires rest in peace, I decided to modify this pretty neckpiece into one and get dramatic.
Tadaaa! And the Hero of my wardrobe (the chunky pink jewellery) saved me again. I guess, this piece of jewellery has been incorporated and accompanied with every single piece of clothing I have.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed wearing it.

Pen Twister.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Diwaleeee = Happiness!

Happy Diwali Guys. Hope everyone had an awesome Diwali.
This Diwali was extremely special for me. I celebrated Diwali after 7 Years with my entire Family. Being away from home throughout my life, I have never been able to meet all the members of my family together.
But this year, we made it happen.

Thus, the festival of lights definitely lightened my home and bought happiness.


Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali too.

The story:
I will be travelling to Rajasthan next week (overly excited) for some religious activities with family, and then leisure trip to Jaipur with cousins.

Have a great week ahead guys!